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Article - The answer to the question - "Why is the firmware does not work?"

  • Firmware get here - work.

They are all checked.


  • Make sure that the data is correct. This printer model, printer firmware version, serial number of the printer.

The report, for example, the printer is seen  1865w as 1860 and 1761 as 1760 - but the firmware they are totally different.

The serial number of the printer - change the programs or cloned. On the label may be the wrong serial number. You can make a mistake in the set. It is best to get the serial usbprns3.

If you are using  usbprns3 - there is a good button CHECK_IT

How do I know the firmware version


  • Make sure the printer is firmwared reset!!

Do not think that in usbprns3 FIX_IT clicking or dragging with the mouse on the firmware file on usblist2 you are guaranteed reset printer. To me personally, it's best to reset it  usbprns3 , but be sure that the printer must be selected to detect device and the bottom stripe should go slowly (if you fly fast and the printer no changes - restart the program). Control the process of the firmware on the printer - it has to reboot.

I remove out the chip after restarting the printer.

If the printer is not responding - check if the program sees the printer.

If you are using  usbprns3 and you have windows 7 or vista - run usbprns3 by admin.

Check printer at the status monitor

Make sure that the firmware version is the same as or higher - otherwise the fix will not rise to the printer.

Make sure the printer is not reset before. This is evident in a report on the current firmware version.

The original must be of the form - V3.00.01.09

Try try reset the printer from the force mode

Usually - run printer with press and hold cancel button - printer led blinking - and in usbprns3 see as boot loader with serial 0000-000000000

if you have SCX - press cancel button again and in dislay you see "wait image"

You can reset printer

Control Firmware - If the printer prints with taped and pulled out a chip, then the printer successfully reset.


Take your time and be careful.

Recently, more and more often bring Samsung SCX-3200 blocked after reset - this is for version 9. The reason - reset to make in free generator. Make FC through service mode or the debug.

Force mode there is no

Samsung 1865W is not reset the firmware of the ml-1860. Be careful with this printer - of force mode is not there.

Samsung SCX-4300 is not directly reset. You must be logged in the service

Turn on the printer, press the FAST unit sequence "menu, copy, left, right, menu, right" - get into the TECH MODE. Go to the menu "DATA SETUP", we find there "FLASH UPGRADE", after the confirmation of [LOCAL] printer says "Data receiving".

after the launch of the printer driver consistently writes - DATA RECEIVING> FLASH ERASING> FLASH PROGRAMMING> CHECKSUMMING> DOWNLOAD OK

and restarts

To reset the counter -

In a typical menu:

ENG 10. Maintenance> Clear Setting> All Setting [OK]

The original Samsung firmware

The original firmware Xerox


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