Debug Samsung

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Repair of Samsung devices to restore the firmware.


1. In the process of flashing the device was broken link, cut electricity, disconnect the USB.

2. Was mistakenly firmwared - broken FW, wrong version or firmware trash.

Or in the case of OA NUpd (One hardware does not update) the firmware was a mistake in the serial number. In this case, the MFP is operating normally, but without a chip error and unit does not work.

What is the procedure of the device firmware debug cable? If the MFP is not determined by a computer, you can not fill in the FW device, it is necessary to connect to the motherboard via service socket, and commanding through HyperTerminal, get the machine to FW from the computer.

As an example we consider the apparatus MFP Samsung SCX 320x. It is these devices most affected by this failure.

So, we select the basic:

1. Debug cable

Need a simple converter from Rs232 to TTL level

Made for max232, rs232 for com port or pl2303 for usb

We need - rx, tx and gnd

2. Connect the DC to the main board unit

We are looking for on-board 4 x signed as DEBUG or HYPER.


Looking for gnd

And then go - rx tx vcc

Vcc - not needed

Solder - do not forget about 50-100 ohm resistors on the ends of the rx and tx

Gnd is not necessary to solder the service connector, I put on the metal base.

Serve food at the debug cable.

Connect the printer to the computer usb.

3. Starting HyperTerminal and firmwared unit

Select the port

Select speed ​​- 115 200

Press connect

Use it program - Terminal

If the answer come the trash - check the correctness of soldering interferences, reduce the speed.

Turn on the printer

Needed to control the mode of probe

Before turning on the machine press the n key and holding it turn on. Down immediately let go. The device displays the following message:


[POWER ON Booting ... ]

Press any key to execute Monitor Program within a sec ...

-------------------------------------------------- --------------

START-UP MODE: Monitor Program

Boot into pROBE + like stand-alone mode

[Type 'help' to see command info.]

Version: Ver.1.17 (BlueMT) 2010-05-27

-------------------------------------------------- --------------

Do you want to download from external port? [N]: n

pROBE +>


Useful command - help

We are interested in fl or flash


Enter the command «FL».

pROBE +> fl

If usbprns3 already run - you must press update device list and choose  boot loading 0000-00000000

Run the firmware usbprns, usblist2


The device starts the firmware is loaded and gives a message:

Boot & Mon. CheckSum OK!

Firmware is completed.

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