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How to use the automatic generation of online firmware fix - Usbprns3en for firmware samsung

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In the chat administrator to ask for - Bot, Printer-volgograd2, NickSun

And order firmware for him

Or payment up balance

It takes you to points used by the program to automatic generation firmware fix.

This is your personal balance supplemented, it can be seen in the bottom line, which shows the number of users online in the right corner - if the balance is zero, then there will be nothing, respectively. It is worth 1 point 5$. (2.5$. - for regular customers)

On the firmware is spent

Usually - 1 point

No update - 2 points

Color laser machine - 3 points

For our regular customers - special conditions.

First look at the window Serial Number - there must be true serial!

For get fix connected printer not required, the correct serial number is required! (In a d 15-character serial number)
And a positive balance of your login! :)

In the tab Main - in the printer list choose your model, such as Samsung SCX-3200, press twice. in the information boxes on the right of the list, there are available firmware.

In the top window - Device information - and information about the original unit

In the bottom - Files - upgraded fixes

To get the firmware to select Files, such as fix OA V3.00.01.08

Click twice - there is a window with the message Request Send request with params:

Click [Yes]

Jump to the chat - Chat

Comes in a personal message from the system with link to the generated firmware.

Downloading fix, unpack, fix firmware on printer.

How to firmware program

1) connect the device.

2) The program automatically detects the connected device (click to update)

3) If the firmware you already have - click [...] and then fix, the default directory myfiles

or transfer the program to form drug n drop with the mouse.

The program will use this fix. It can be seen on line at the top of the program.

If there is no fix firmware - see the chat, you will be given administrator access to the generation of firmware.

5) Press [check It!] - Loyalty program checks the fixing

6) Click [Fix It!] - Starts the process returns the firmware in the printer

Must we wait until the end of the process!! Before restarting the printer and exit alerts!

7)Remove  chip. Print

How to enter the chat

Click Login.

In the Login field write nickname - may be busy - English letters, no spaces

In the Password box, write the password - at least 5 characters long.

Click Registration.

You can write a message.

to enter - write your data.

click Login.


On win7, Vista program must run as administrator

If a link in the chat room click the right mouse button - it opens in your browser.

The button with the floppy disk - allows you to send in some sort of chat file.

When chatting in the right window where nicknames to choose someone and press the right mouse button - and select open - it opens a window for personal messages.

When chatting to press * nick nick automatically appear in the window message.

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