Modified firmware for Samsung, Xerox

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Universal firmware utility for printers Samsung, Xerox

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View training video for use. Educational video the program Usbprns3en


How to use online fix firmware

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set a lot of firmware - download here for free

Program for firmware - usbprnns3

Reset Samsung SCX-3400 use usbprns3

We are sell modified firmware for reset message - toner is empty, replace cartridge for Samsung and Xerox. Modified firmware resets page counter in printer so you can refill your original toner or use compatible toner. Also after installing software, no chip on toner is needed anymore, save money on printer cartridges.

This operation does not remove your printer warranty. Always possible to install a previous version of the original software

Price of the modified firmware on the black and white laser printer Samsung, Xerox 5$.
Price of the modified firmware on the color laser printer Samsung 10$ .
Regular customers and service engineers discount

For buy this software, please send e-mail on Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript with printer model, OS version, and serial number of 15 characters.

Find authentic version of the OS, you can in report of a configuration.
Attention! We are not responsible for incorrectly specified in your application, serial number!

For example
SCX-4828 V1.01.00.44 SN:123456789012345
ML-1915 V1.01.00.82 SN:123456789012345
SCX-3200 V3.01.00.8 SN:123456789012345
ML-1860 V1.01.00.34 SN:123456789012345

I will send the software to you within a day . If you don't receive it, please contact again.
Have any question feel free to contact me.


Supported Models -

Samsung ML-1910,  V1.01.00.83

Samsung ML-2520,  V1.01.00.84

Samsung ML-2580N, V1.01.00.84

Samsung SCX-3200, V3.00.01.08

Samsung SCX-3200, V3.00.01.08 NU

Samsung SCX-3200, V3.00.01.07

Samsung SCX-3200, V3.00.01.07 NU

Samsung SCX3200, V3.00.01.09 NU

Samsung ML-1860, V1.01.00.18

Samsung ML-1860, V1.01.00.18 NU

Samsung ML-1860, V1.01.00.19 NU

Samsung ML-1865w, V3.00.01.05

Samsung ML-1865w, V3.00.01.05 NU

Samsung ML-1660, V1.01.00.34

Samsung ML-1660, V1.01.00.34 NU

Samsung ML-1670, V1.01.00.04 NU

Samsung ML-3310D, V2.00.01.25

Samsung ML-3310D, V2.00.01.25 NU

Samsung ML-3310ND, V2.00.01.23 NU

Samsung Scx-4600, V2.01.00.99

Samsung Scx-4600, V2.01.01.00

Samsung Scx-4600, V2.01.01.00 NU

Samsung Scx-4600, V2.01.01.01

Samsung Scx-4623F, V2.01.00.99

Samsung Scx-4623FN, V2.01.00.98

Samsung Scx-4623FN, V2.01.00.99

Samsung Scx-4623FN, V2.01.00.99 NU

Samsung Scx-4824FN, V1.01.00.44

Samsung Scx-4824FN, V1.01.00.44 NU

Samsung Scx-4824FN, V1.01.94.36

Samsung Scx-4824FN, V1.01.94.36 NU

Samsung Scx-4824FN, V1.01.00.45 NU

Samsung Scx-4x28, V1.01.00.45 NU

Samsung Scx-4x28, V1.01.93.36 NU

Samsung Scx-4833FD V2.00.01.10

Samsung Scx-4833FD V2.00.01.10 NU

Samsung CLP-310, V1.00.11.66 NU

Samsung CLP-310, V1.00.11.67 NU

Samsung CLP-320, V1.00.01.19 NU

Samsung CLP-320, V1.00.01.34 NU

Samsung CLP-320N, V1.00.01.34 NU

Samsung CLX-3170FN, V1.00.01.64 NU

Samsung CLX-3180, V1.00.01.22 NU

Samsung CLX-3180, V1.00.01.35 NU

Samsung CLX-3180FN, V1.00.01.24 NU

Samsung CLX-3180FN, V1.00.01.35 NU

Samsung SCX-3205W, V3.04.01.00

Samsung SCX-3205W, V3.04.01.00 NU

Samsung SCX-3205W, V3.00.01.05

Samsung SCX-3205W, V3.00.01.05 NU

Xerox 3155, V1.50.00.46

Xerox WC-3210 v98

Xerox WC-3210 v98 NU

Xerox WC-3220 v98

Xerox WC-3220 v98 NU

Xerox WC-3550,V25.001.02.00

Xerox WC-3550,V25.001.02.00 NU

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